more space for water, more space for people
Neugestaltung Svratka Riverfront

The implementation of flood protection measures in the urban section of the Svratka river provides the opportunity for bringing the river back to the city, in accordance with the historical significance of the water course for the development of Brno. The Svratka river will be restored as a connecting urban backbone between the forest hills in the West and the new down-town developments in the South-East. It becomes an inner-city leisure and activity ribbon protected from the traffic and bustle of the city.

The foremost principle of the design is: more space for water AND more space for people. This is achieved by re-profiling both riversides. The project aims to create a new atmosphere by highlighting the pre-existing distinctive character of both riverbanks in the course of the technical anti flood upgrade. The intervention strengthens the urban character of the North Bank, whereas the South Bank acts as its complementary scenic counterpart. Both riverbanks are closely interlaced through visual and physical connections, leading to the harmonious overall picture of a connecting green leisure ribbon. Technical features are deliberately used as design elements and constitute direct eligible costs of the flood safety program.

In the course of the flood protection programme the North Bank receives a new anti flood wall. The foot of the wall is designed as an urban promenade just above mean water level. The wall acts both as a noise abatement screen from the surrounding traffic and as the backrest of a full-year South facing sun-bathing bench. Stairs and ramps are arranged parallel to the river and connect the river-scape with the urban realm in strategic points. The redesign anticipates the medium term retrofitting of Poříčí Street into an urban boulevard after completion of the VMO city ring. On the long term, the upper part of the anti flood wall will act as the directrix for a promenade at city level which will include the university campus and the DRFG Arena. To introduce the development, the public and semi-public spaces around these urban attractors should progressively be opened towards the public and the river.

The South Bank is extended and flattened to act both as a water retention and leisure activity space with smooth and safe access to the shore. The continuous green ribbon is characterized by retention meadows and green embankments. Sports fields and playgrounds provide space for activity, whereas single seat-steps invite to pause and to linger with views over the river and the old town scenery.

auftraggeber: City of Brno
größe: 11ha
leistungsumfang: Wettbewerbsbeitrag, 2. Preis

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